PPAM (Predictive Policing Awareness Machine) The Predictive Policing Awareness Machine is meant to bring awareness to the corrupt predictive policing epidemic occurring in the United States. PPAM acts as the organic and surreal representation of these black box type feedback systems that are causing so much damage in America today.

When a user approaches the Sculpture, the essence of Durian fruit is squeezed out of the eye dropper onto a flower suspended over a blender. The blender is then triggered at time intervals correlated to the rate at which black individuals are incarcerated due to inherently racist predictive ranking systems. The flower eventually falls into the blender and is shredded to a yellow pulp.

More information about the process can be found here: link.


Hardware: Maker 1010 Microcontroller, High Torque Stepper Motor, Powerswitch tail, Acryllic

Responsible for: Microcontroller Programming, Hardware Installation, Design, and Fabrication

In Collaboration with Gilad Dor.